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Sunday, September 9, 2007

boring my eyes away

i dont know how it happened, but for the past few days i feel i have insomnia. according to wikipedia, it's a sleep disorder. but how could it be a sleep disorder if i can't sleep at all? should it be called a non-sleep disorder then?

anyway, i was reading on while listening to sticker happy (it had 18 tracks. my goodness that was a lot. nowadays, you're lucky if the album has 13 tracks. anyway, that album made me a little nostalgic so i started browsing for videos of nba players like dennis rodman, gary payton, shawn kemp, scottie pippen and some games from way before. sticker happy was a really great album. i loved it before, now i appreciate it more. maybe because i've learned a lot about music since i was 15) and i learned that i have about 3 sleeping disorders. i have:
  • Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS): A sleep disorder of circadian rhythm, characterized by the inability to wake up and fall asleep at the desired times, but not by inability to stay asleep. - so it's not really insomnia, 'cause i still can sleep. but not at desired times.
  • Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD): Involuntary movement of arms and/or legs during sleep. See also Hypnic jerk, which is not a disorder. - you ever felt your wrist or fingers twitch while sleeping? i do.
  • Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). - because i work shifting jobs. and i think;
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS): An irresistible urge to move legs while sleeping. Often accompanies PLMD. - i'm not really sure, but sometimes my legs ache so much that i have to constantly move it to make it feel comfortable.
i actually don't think i can sleep tonight - and i still have to wake up (if i do get to sleep) at 6am to leave this place cause i know it'll be a busy monday morning tomorrow. i'm planning to get myself a 1gb M2 memory stick for donna, so she'll have a ton of memory to store her photos and videos. i'll be joined by my dear friend and we'll eat krispy kreme. i'm still searching for that pink donut with sprinkles on it and take pictures of it for no reason at all.

i've been sitting here in front of the computer since 7pm and still im not that sleepy. and i only started this blog at 1am even though i've been planning to do one since 10pm. it really sucks what i'm in right now. did you know i only require 5 hours of sleep? do you know what that means? i'm friggin unproductive. it means, i don't do work that much. it means i spend my time sitting all day. it means i'm lazy - in a different way. or maybe, i just think too much. that's why i dont work too much because i think a lot. yeah, that's why.

right now i'm thinking of a way to end this blog. one of the hardest things to do is to do closure. closure for everything. relationships, work, doors, whatever. it's hard i tell you, it's hard. specially when you have so many things to think about. and they're not even important things. well, some are important, but most of the things i think about makes no sense at all. they're so non-essential, i can't think of one on the top of my head.

so, im ending this with a couple of questions about one subject -- girls. why the heck can't i understand them? they're like cars to me. you always want one, but you don't have the money. they're just so complicated. i think that's what the phrase "it's complicated" means. the girl has some issue that the guy can't figure out that leads to being single again.

oh the things that keep me awake. thanks for boring my eyes away.


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