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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the most depressing thing i have ever seen

what is the most depressing thing you've ever seen? up until this point, this has been the most depressing scene i saw. but take a look at the picture below, and read me.

it was no ordinary wednesday. me and my friends (rachel and babab) planned a wednesday viewing because we couldn't go on a normal saturday. after having lunch at mcdonald's, we were off to the quiapo locale. then at the jeepney we took, i saw this kid who had the deepest eyebags you have ever seen. i mean, deeper than mine - and i thought i had the deepest ones. and i noticed that this kid (probably 5 or 6 years old) was really sleepy. you know how sleepy you get after three sleepless nights? that's how sleepy he was. he was a wreck. then to make it worse, his mother, was keeping him awake - depriving the poor kid precious child sleep! i was in complete shock and awe. i have seen things that has depressed me before, but this was by far the saddest thing. i could understand that he maybe had a sleeping disorder that's so deadly that even when he rests his eyes for 5 seconds, he gets cut off just like that. he must have had a disorder, because if he didn't, and his mother keeps letting him staty awake it would make me go to that same place and wait for them to pass again and tell that mother that sleep is the most important privilege of children and she shouldnt deprive her son specially if theyre poor and stuff like that. crap, that was sad.

finally i got over it because of my great friends, then out of nowhere, after two weeks, i see another kid with the same dilema! that's the picture above, which i've managed to steal. now that's sad. it's so sad, it made me forget all my problems. and to make things worst, this kid kept staring at me. like i was watching him or something. crap, that was so sad.

now, what i want to do to get over this is to know what kind of disease those kids have. then maybe find a charity or foundation that helps other kids that have the same depressing problem. i know i have nurse and doctor contacts here, and if you have any idea what i'm talking about, tell me. because crap, this is so sad.


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